Flipping, Revisited
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31 Jan 2012 07:27 PM
    There was a cool article at the CNN website a couple of weeks ago in which a high school principal in Michigan explained how and why he flipped his school. There were LOTS of questions and comments in response, and he deftly fields the big ones in a new article: schoolsofthought.blogs.cnn.com/2012...-questions

    If you aren't sure how this works, there are many resources out there... including our LTF Flipping the Classroom blog, where Robert and I are sharing our own experiences trying this teaching method www.ltftraining.org/TeachingCommuni...mBlog.aspx . I found an excellent set of video lessons for Algebra 1 that you might want to check out at sites.google.com/site/fizzflippingalgebra1/

    Every teacher who flips his or her math classroom seems to do it in a slightly different way, which makes sense since each of us has his or her own teaching style! Watching their videos is like sneaking a peek into a great teacher's classroom

    It's definitely the hot topic right now, and I admit that I'm really enjoying teaching this way. It's a pain to make the videos a few days in advance of the lessons, but the payoff in student engagement is worth it so far.